Pharmacist banned for years after spiking assistant’s drink

He wanted to punish the woman for spurning his advances

A NSW pharmacist who drugged a young assistant with Phenergan and other drugs after she spurned his advances has been deregistered for at least four years.
Yan Chi Cheung fronted the NSW Civil and Administrative tribunal after serving a 10-month jail term for poisoning with intent to cause pain and distress.
The case revealed disturbing character traits that made him unsuitable to practise as a pharmacist, the tribunal found.
Mr Cheung knew the victim from church and helped her gain a job as pharmacy assistant at the University of NSW Pharmacy in March 2015.
But the friendship cooled after the married woman rejected his sexual advances
Mr Cheung admitted he wanted to punish the woman when he spiked her water or coffee around 23 times, starting with Phenergan and progressing to antipsychotics and antidepressants.