Pharmacist beats board and AHPRA in court

A pharmacist has won the right to sue the Pharmacy Board and AHPRA for allegedly implying he misuses drugs.

This follows a 2013 conviction in the WA Magistrate’s Court for offences related to record keeping and storage of schedule 8 medicines.

As a result of the conviction, the board imposed nine conditions on pharmacist Emson Nyoni’s registration, which were published on the AHPRA website.

But Mr Nyoni took exception to publication of one the conditions, that he not take or self-prescribe schedule 8 drugs unless they were legally prescribed for him.

He claimed this implied he had been found guilty of improperly using schedule 8 drugs and was a drug addict.

This resulted in “hurt feelings, distress, a loss of personal and professional reputation and impairment to his earning capacity”.

Mr Nyoni sued the two organisations in 2014, demanding compensation for