Pharmacist found guilty of unsatisfactory conduct

A pharmacist who inappropriately compounded a performance-enhancing drug has been reprimanded and had conditions placed on his registration.

The pharmacist, Adam Kennedy, admitted to preparing clenbuterol at Kingswood Compounding Pharmacy in NSW without a valid veterinary prescription.

He was found guilty of unsatisfactory professional misconduct in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

He also admitted to other offences, including not locking schedule 8 drugs in a safe and inappropriately supplying fertility drug Clomphene.

The tribunal also found him guilty of dispensing Mogadon when the script had been altered by hand — but not by the prescribing doctor.

The conditions imposed by the tribunal mean Mr Kennedy:

  • Can’t work as a proprietor or pharmacist in charge for two years.
  • Must notify employers of the conditions on his