Pharmacist loses bid to find out who complained about her

A pharmacist has failed in her legal bid to find out the identity of a health professional who made a complaint against her under AHPRA's mandatory reporting laws.

Judith Marden, chief pharmacist at a Sydney hospital, was told in March 2014 that she was being investigated over allegations about the way she had reported her CPD points.

The complaint went nowhere with no action taken against Ms Marden.

However, both the Pharmacy Council of NSW and the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) kept the complaint documents, saying they might refer back to them in the future.

Ms Marden argued that it was a "matter of procedural fairness" that she should be told the full allegations against her, including identifying information about the person who complained.

In a case she lodged with the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, she also argued the information would help her improve