Pharmacist ordered to sell to Chemist Warehouse partner

A judge has ordered a Melbourne pharmacist to sell his business to a managing partner at Chemist Warehouse.

This follows a legal wrangle in which Theo Messinis of Melbourne City Pharmacy attempted to back out of a sale agreement he had originally entered into with Chemist Warehouse co-founder Mario Verrocchi.

The pharmacist signed the $1.4 million agreement in May, but the deal soured after the men clashed over proposed contractual amendments.

In mid-June Mr Verrocchi paid a $10,000 deposit, some 10 days after the due date stated in the sale agreement. He also arranged for Anthony Bassaly, a Sydney pharmacist and managing partner at Chemist Warehouse, to replace him as buyer.

But Mr Messinis was getting cold feet and entered into a contract to sell to another buyer who had previously shown interest in the pharmacy.

He then terminated negotiations with Mr Verrocchi via his lawyer, who wrote