Pharmacist slams ‘witch hunt’ against weight-loss regimen

A pharmacist has hit back at critics of a much-maligned weight-loss regimen, claiming he’s a victim of a “witch hunt” against compounders.

The pharmacist, Darryll Knowles, says the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission was wrong to include the Medical Weightloss Institute (MWI) treatment in a public health warning about “non-evidence based” weight loss products.

He says he has evidence the treatment is effective. However, like all medicines, it does not have a 100% success rate.

And he is still supplying medication to some of the 2000 former clients of the institute.

The patients contacted Mr Knowles and the referring GP for help after the institute closed in February following what the pharmacist describes as a shareholder dispute.

He says he has a duty of care and is providing the medication for free to clients who paid the MWI in full for a 12-month program.