Phelps’ health scare inspires wellness guide

The former AMA president said the kernel of her book, Ultimate Wellness, published last week, came a decade earlier when, exhausted with demanding political and medical responsibilities, she was struck down by a pulmonary embolism with little chance of survival had she not gone to hospital as soon as she did.

The PE, she would learn, was an adverse effect of a hormone treatment she was taking. She was so busy she had not had time to consider sooner how her body was responding.

“A doctor’s own illness experience informs the way that they manage patients pretty much forever,” Professor Phelps told MO.

“Medicine is a lifelong learning experience and it was no different for me.”

She said she made a full recovery over time but having that “life-threatening situation and having a struggle to get better… I just had a sense that if I’d tried harder and looked further I just have been able to get to