PM winks as chronically ill pensioner reveals sex work

Mr Abbott took calls on Melbourne radio on Wednesday, including one from a grandmother named Gloria, who said she had to work on an adult phone sex line to pay her bills.

The prime minister winked at ABC presenter John Faine immediately after the woman revealed the kind of work she was doing to get by.

Gloria went on to explain she'd have to find at least an extra $850 a year thanks to a federal budget that will force people to pay $7 for each visit to a bulk-billing GP and pay more for medicines.

A spokeswoman for Mr Abbott later told Fairfax Media the wink was to assure the presenter he was happy to proceed with the call, not a judgment of the caller.

Gloria challenged the prime minister over his government's tough-love budget.

She said she was 67 and had three chronic, incurable medical conditions.

"I just survive on around