Prescribing changes needed to meet e-health deadlines

AXE paper prescriptions from July next year: that is the call on Government from the head of one of Australia’s leading electronic prescribing service operators.

Speaking at the 8th Annual Future of the PBS conference in Sydney last week, MediSecure CEO Phillip Shepherd said if the Government was serious about meeting its 1 July 2012 deadline for the introduction of a personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) it must get e-prescriptions working first.

Mr Shepherd told MO decisive action was needed to encourage the adoption of e-prescriptions by making them the only means by which a patient could access medications.

“The Government needs to say from [1 July next year], e-prescriptions will be the legal document… [but] you have to provide GPs an incentive to change now and that incentive should be financial,” he said.

“[The Government] has to put a cheque under the practice manager’s nose so