Prescribing rights for non-doctors backed by health ministers

The draft Health Professionals Prescribing Pathway (HPPP), which has been circulating since early this year, aims to let health professionals prescribe if they receive appropriate training and accreditation from their national board, and provided the prescribing is in their scope of practice.

Last week at a meeting of the Standing Council on Health in Tasmania, the state, territory and federal health ministers agreed to endorse the HPPP, saying in a short communiqué that they “approved the Health Professionals Prescribing Pathway, which will provide a way for health professionals, other than medical practitioners, to prescribe medications”.

“The pathway sets out the steps required for a health professional to achieve safe and competent prescribing of medicines within their scope of practice,” the council said.

The HPPP, which was developed and promoted by Health Workforce Australia, says health professionals could be