Preterm delivery more likely on Western diet

The study involved 66,000 pregnant women recruited at their first routine ultrasound at 17–18 weeks’ gestation who were surveyed on lifestyle and dietary habits during the first 4–5 months of their pregnancy.

From the surveys, researchers interpreted three distinct dietary patterns. 

The first, a “prudent” diet, was a diet high in fruit and vegetables, whole grain cereals, vegetable oils and poultry, with water as a beverage and low in processed meats, white bread and pizza or tacos.
The second, a “Western” diet, was high in salty snacks such as pizza or tacos, sugar, white bread, sugar-sweetened drinks, processed meat products and pasta, and low in foods such as fish and high-fibre bread. 

Deemed “traditional”, the third pattern was high in boiled potatoes, fish products, gravy, margarine, rice pudding, low-fat milk and cooked vegetables, and low in foods such as