Price setting stoush to hit morale: RACGP

In a submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) last week, the college said that while collective fee-setting was essential to general practice, any proposal that gave permission to some doctors but not others would mean:

*AMA member GPs being unable to agree on fees with other GPs in the practice, undermining team cohesion and morale

*Less collaboration between GPs and less continuity of care

*Confusion among patients about variable fees, thus decreasing access

*Problems with practice software not equipped to differentiate between GP pricing structures within a practice.

“Whilst the RACGP supports the intent of the [AMA] application, given that the application will only apply to some GPs in Australia, the RACGP cannot support the application in its current form,” RACGP outgoing president Professor Claire Jackson wrote.

“The college has been a consistent advocate for