Protest in scrubs: med students to stage Sydney demonstration to highlight intern shortfalls

Organisers of the Scrubs in the Street protest want at least 150 medical students doing menial tasks in Taylor Square on Sunday to reflect the number of Australian-trained medical graduates who won’t be able to become doctors based on the current projected internship shortfall.

“We’re all going to be to be wearing scrubs. We’ve got our stethoscopes, we’ll be washing windows, holding signs, giving out flyers,” Chloe Abbott, a third-year University of Sydney medical student and protest convenor told MO.

The signs the protesters will wave will have the messages, "Every minute we spend out here is another minute you wait in the ED" and "Keep Australian-Trained Doctors in Australia", organisers said.

The federal government has promised another $10 million for hospital intern places on the condition that states also provide funding to ensure every graduate had an internship. However Ms Abbott said the states did not