PSR rejects report release criticisms

OUTGOING Professional Services Review (PSR) director Dr Tony Webber says he will issue a report to the professions this year despite AMA concerns that the report is used to ‘bash’ doctors in the media.

Writing in the latest Australian Medicine, AMA vice-president Dr Steve Hambleton suggested Dr Webber’s reports to the profession had in the past been used by the media to unfairly criticise doctors.

“The AMA has questioned [the reports] as a valid method to educate the profession about undesirable practice,” he wrote.

Dr Hambleton told MO the information gathered by PSR committees could be valuable to practitioners but it would be better disseminated another way, such as via the colleges and professional bodies.

“But we don’t want to exclude people who are not members of the college or the AMA,” Dr Hambleton said. 

“Discussions with the PSR about the best way to