PSR to release report despite criticism

PROFESSIONAL Services Review director Dr Tony Webber says he will issue a report to the professions this year despite criticism from the AMA that the reports have been used in the past by the media to unfairly ‘bash’ doctors.

Writing in the latest issue of Australian Medicine, AMA vice president Dr Steve Hambleton said Dr Webber had put “a headline ahead of the facts” by citing “isolated examples of inappropriate practice and claiming that they were widespread”.

Dr Webber’s comments had caused the profession to lose faith in the Professional Services Review (PSR) while causing unnecessary concern among doctors that they would be targeted for review, he said.

Dr Hambleton has called for information from the PSR on trends in inappropriate MBS or PBS claiming to instead be disseminated to the professions via their colleges.

“The AMA has questioned [the report to the professions] as a