Psychiatrist wins right to practise at 83

Dr William Orchard decided to retire voluntarily in 2010 after the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) made adverse findings in relation to his communication with one patient and alleged “significant overdiagnosis” of ADD in general, VCAT said.

But before Dr Orchard was due to retire he regretted the decision and started the process of re-registering. He sent 13 “long and intemperately worded” letters to the medical board, VCAT and the Victorian premier alleging criminal abuse of power among other things, VCAT said.

The medical board told Dr Orchard it planned to allow his registration with conditions, to which he wrote back a 13-page letter “strongly reinforcing his views about the way in which ADD should be treated”.

The board ordered Dr Orchard to undertake a health assessment, which “identified a number of concerns about Dr Orchard’s cognitive functioning”.

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