Psychologist banned after sex with teenage detainee

The Psychology Tribunal of New South Wales said Catherine McKeehan, who was unregistered, started the relationship with the youth, 18 years her junior, while she was working as his counsellor in Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre in 2007.

In counselling sessions, she admitted crossing professional boundaries by writing to the boy, then 15, that she loved him. 

"When you get out, we can see each other,” Ms McKeehan wrote, “[and] the only reason I come to work is to see you.” 

She also gave him gifts of tobacco.

Ms McKeehan also admitted failing to respect client confidentiality by telling other staff the boy wrote her a love letter and gave her a cushion containing a love heart he had made.

When the boy was moved to a different facility, Ms McKeehan gave him a mobile phone and told him to record her number as Uncle Sam. He called her 64 times from February to April 2008, she admitted.

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