Psychologists appeal to ACCC over two-tier Medicare rebate system

Australian Association of Psychologists Inc president Paul Stevenson, OAM, said the association had submitted a formal complaint to the ACCC “following several years of unrest within [the] profession”.

The association has called for an immediate end to the two-tier system, which was introduced in July last year.

GPs are also subject to a two-tier rebate, introduced in the federal budget under the Better Access scheme, depending on whether they have completed a six-hour training course.

Mr Stevenson said the endorsement process used by the Australian Psychology Board, using membership of the Australian Psychological Society colleges as a pathway to endorsement, had amplified divisions in the profession and resulted “in a minority of practitioners holding themselves out to be superior to others”.

“It is ludicrous to one day say that Australian psychologists are highly capable and worthy of registration with