Push to put overdose antidote in hands of those at risk

The group, Anex, urged Australian governments to follow the lead of some programs in the US and the UK and allow Narcan, also known as naloxone hydrochloride, to be given to “potential overdose witnesses” and not just medical staff.

“Fewer families would suffer the loss of overdose death if we followed England and the US and set up community programs to put Narcan into the hands of people who are on hand to rescue people on the spot,” Anex CEO John Ryan said.

“While millions of opioid prescriptions go out each year, prescription of the drug that reverses overdoses is limited. It doesn’t make sense.”

Anex said non-medical people like drug users’ parents could do training to safely administer Narcan, “similar to the use of EpiPens in cases of anaphylactic shock”.

“Mums and dads, as well as drug users, could be given naloxone [