Push to wean patients off PPIs

Patients discharged from hospital on PPIs are now being given a deprescribing plan to avoid inappropriate long-term use in a move backed by gastroenterologists.

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth is asking its doctors to provide a “therapy plan” on discharge, including tapering instructions for patients on a PPI for more than six months.

If no longer clinically indicated, doctors are advised to halve the dose of PPI weekly, until the patient is on the lowest possible dose and then to stop.

The PPI therapy plan also requires doctors to state the clinical indication, duration of treatment and a cessation date.

The therapy plan suggests that patients be given instructions for the use of PPIs on demand until symptoms are resolved or an H2 antagonist is initiated.

The plans are based on recommendations from the Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA).

Dr Katie