Quantified: Safety questions with breast implants

Women with silicone implants are at higher risk of melanoma, stillbirth and autoimmune disorders

Women who opt for silicone breast implants are at increased risk of stillbirth and melanoma as well as other rare conditions, data from nearly 100,000 breast augmentation patients suggests.

Patients with silicone implants have a 4.5-fold increased risk for stillbirth compared with the general public, according to the largest prospective study on implants to date.

They also have a nearly four times higher risk of melanoma and about a sixfold increase in rheumatoid arthritis, the US study authors report in the Annals of Surgery.

Silicone implants also place them at higher risk of two other autoimmune disorders: Sjorgen’s syndrome (about eightfold higher risk) and scleroderma (sevenfold higher risk).

However, silicone implants are not linked to an increased risk of miscarriage or, contrary to a previous study, suicide, the study authors report.

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