This RA drug has the worst safety profile

Infliximab has a poorer safety profile than other targeted immunomodulators such as abatacept, adalimumab and etanercept, US researchers have found.

Their study of 10 head-to-head RCTs and 51 observational studies shows infliximab carries a higher risk of treatment discontinuations due to adverse events compared with adalimumab or etanercept in RA patients.  

In particular, infliximab has a higher risk of serious infections compared with abatacept, etanercept or adalimumab.

“Use of these three agents may be preferable to infliximab in patients with a history of infections who are at a greater risk of infections,” the researchers write in the journal Arthritis Care and Research.

“Physicians should be vigilant monitoring for infliximab-associated AEs leading to non-persistence in their patients.”

Etanercept appeared to be the safest of the four drugs compared, with