Registrars reluctant to query long hours

REGISTRARS are afraid of receiving negative supervisor assessments and being ostracised by colleagues if they voice concern about fatigue and unsafe working hours, according to the junior doctors’ peak body. 

Concerns about registrar working hours have been raised following the release of a General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA) discussion paper calling for the development of a safe working hours policy.

The paper warned registrars, particularly those performing on-call duties in regional and rural areas, were placing their patients and their own health and wellbeing at risk by working excessively long hours.

National General Practice Supervisors’ Association deputy chair Dr Rod Pearce questioned the focus on safe working hours for registrars, saying it was an issue for all GPs, and any changes needed to be addressed system wide.

“There are stresses on the other members of the practice when there are stresses