Regular exercise can help ease chronic pain in people with obesity

JUST a small amount of weekly physical exercise can alleviate chronic muscular pain associated with obesity, a study suggests.

Drawing on data from 30,000 adults in Norway, researchers estimated that people with obesity have a 20% increased risk of chronic pain in the low back, neck and shoulders.

The authors found that the hours of physical exercise undertaken every week were linearly and inversely associated with the risk of chronic pain at these body sites.

The study participants, aged 20 years or older, filled in questionnaires about physical exercise frequency and musculoskeletal symptoms and had their body mass and height measurements recorded.

Exercising for between one and two hours per week compensated, to some extent, for the adverse effect of high BMI on risk of chronic pain, the researchers found.

“However, analyses of high-intensity versus low-intensity exercise showed no major differences in the estimated