Regular GP visits lower chance of death after MI

Risk of emergency readmission is also significantly less for patients who follow up

Visiting a GP regularly lowers a patient’s risk of dying or a return visit to hospital after an MI, researchers say.

People who follow up with a GP after an emergency hospital admission for coronary heart disease are half as likely to be readmitted than those who don't see a doctor afterwards, an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) report has found.

Most people see a GP or cardiologist, which has a significant impact on their readmission chances, according to AIHW spokeswoman Dr Lynelle Moon.

“The raw numbers show that, among patients who did not follow up with their GP, nearly five in every 10 had an emergency readmission to hospital,” Dr Moon says.

However, this drops to two in 10 patients for those who visit their GP after discharge.

“Even after accounting for all other factors, the data showed the risk of emergency readmission was significantly