Report recommends review of IMG 10-year moratorium

The Lost in the Labyrinth report, the result of a year-long Senate inquiry, contained 45 separate recommendations,including a call for the government to bring the length of the moratorium into line with the return of service obligations for bonded Australian graduates.

Australian Doctors Trained Overseas Association president Dr Viney Joshi said the report “put the ball firmly in the government’s court” and called for the moratorium to be scrapped altogether.

RDAA president Dr Paul Mara said the moratorium placed IMGs in a vulnerable position “professionally, industrially and economically” and the policy of recruiting IMGs was no solution to Australia’s rural doctor shortage.

AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton agreed Australia was “too reliant on the… moratorium”, which had “failed to establish a stable long-term medical workforce in areas of need, especially in rural, regional and remote