‘Reprehensible’ GP banned from re-registration

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal said the actions of Brisbane-based Dr James Love, for which he was “entirely unapologetic”, were “exploitative in the extreme” and amounted to a “gross violation of the responsibility and trust placed in [him] as a medical practitioner”.

The tribunal found the doctor guilty of professional misconduct and formally reprimanded him. Noting Dr Love, 69, had retired – his relationship with the woman ended at his retirement – it banned him from reapplying for registration for six years.

The woman had first presented to Dr Love in 1998 for a complete check-up in relation to domestic violence during her marriage. She was suffering from anorexia nervosa, depression and anxiety, the tribunal said.

In 2003 the consults increased from monthly to weekly and the woman started writing him letters and he replied. At Dr Love’s suggestion, the pair met for