Research finds omega-3s may be harmful

Research by three Swedish universities found newborns with high levels of unsaturated fats in their blood were more prone to develop an allergy than those with lower blood concentrations.

Author Agnes Wold, a physician at the clinical microbiology department of Gothenburg's Sahlgrenska University Hospital, said it was already known that unsaturated fatty acids inhibited activation of the immune system.

"This can be useful when you are old. But the baby's immune system needs to get a kick start, otherwise it does not develop properly."

Previous research has indicated that children who at an early age were given fish, which is  high in omega-3 fatty acids, were less likely to get an allergy.

Another author, food science professor Ann-Sofie Sandberg, cautioned against avoiding fish on the basis of these findings.

"Fish is so much more than just omega-3 fatty acids. One cannot conclude from our study that pregnant women and