Researcher accused of submitting fraudulent paper

A former university researcher put in a "well regarded" submission for a $300,000 fellowship, according to evidence in a fraud case against her.

National Health and Medical Research Council director Sarah Byrne, giving evidence via video link, told the Brisbane District Court on Tuesday that Caroline Barwood made two applications for early career fellowships, each carrying $300,000 in funding.

The University of Queensland researcher's first application in 2012 "was well regarded ... but did not score well enough" and a second application in 2013 was withdrawn, the court heard.

Barwood, who has pleaded not guilty to all charges, is accused of using a false research paper on Parkinson's disease to apply for about $700,000 in funding via early fellowships and travel grants, as well as copying another academic's papers.

The court heard she successfully applied in May 2013