Ringtone cancer. Are phones really safe?

THERE’S a plethora of scientific articles probing whether or not using a mobile phone causes brain cancer, but few have provoked such cause for alarm in the global health community as a media release from the World Health Organization in May.

Four words from the release, “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, had the potential to completely change the game with regard to mobile phone safety.1

The dust from the ensuing media headlines and scientific scuffle has now settled, but is there really cause to be concerned about the cancer risk of mobile phones?

Some researchers and doctors now say it’s time we all knew about that risk.

In June, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is part of the WHO, had a week-long meeting in France of more than 30 scientists from 14 countries.

Their goal was to determine whether radiofrequency electromagnetic fields generated by mobiles phones were