Roxon sledges AMA: ‘ineffective chorus’

RELATIONS between the federal government and the AMA have hit a new low with Health Minister Nicola Roxon branding the AMA an “ineffective chorus” following the association’s demand for an audit of the troubled GP super clinics program.

With the two sides already at loggerheads over Medicare Locals and mental health rebate cuts, AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton further inflamed matters by writing to Auditor General Ian McPhee about the clinics, requesting that he “review the implementation, administration and impact of this ill-conceived policy”.

His letter cited controversy surrounding Queensland’s beleaguered Redcliffe super clinic, which the government recently rescued from collapse with a $3.2 million bailout on top of its initial $10 million outlay, and the government’s shelving of super clinics in Tasmania and Darwin within five days of each other.

Ms Roxon responded in a statement saying the AMA was