Rudd, overturn CPD tax cap: AMA

As Kevin Rudd was sworn in as prime minister for the second time today after spectacularly toppling Julia Gillard, the future of policies across the board was unclear. Mr Rudd indicated he would review all policies.
Mr was also busy rebuilding his cabinet after Ms Gillard and many of her senior ministers said they would quit their portfolios or quit parliament entirely. It was unclear if Health Minister Tanya Plibersek, who did not publicly state her allegiance to Mr Rudd or Ms Gillard, would keep her portfolio.
What is known is that the return of Rudd means he will be reunited with the health policies he introduced when first elected prime minister in 2007, such as the $600 million plus GP Super Clinics program and the change from general practice divisions to Medicare Locals.
But the unpopular $2000 self-education cap was introduced – by surprise – by Ms Gillard and her treasurer Wayne Swan, who has also stepped