Rural GPs’ website set to reduce doctor isolation

SOUTH Australian GP Dr Jeff Taylor had never drilled into a patient’s skull until the day a boy living near Naracoorte hit a cow while riding a quad bike and began bleeding inside his skull.

That’s a situation GPs in the city don’t face very often, thanks to the scarcity of cows and the proliferation of hospitals, and it’s that ‘buck stops here’ aspect of rural medicine that can make for an isolating experience. That’s where the new web site,, will come in.

Created by pharmaceutical company MSD Australia, the site will provide information and tools to support rural and remote GPs in their day-to-day practice and give them access to ongoing education and resources.

“A lot of people get scared about going to the country because of the fact that often you are faced with situations that can take you by surprise,” Dr Taylor said.

“Any extra resources to help rural