Rural medical service serves two purposes

THE Parliamentary Inquiry into Registration Processes and Support for Overseas Trained Doctors continues. Each sitting reveals more over-complexities within the medical workforce system and the grossly unfair treatment of our colleagues, their families and many patients.

Those bureaucrats who maintain the system have frequently appeared at a complete loss to explain its workings.

At the heart of the current Kafkaesque situation of perfectly competent doctors being deported lie sections 19AA and 19AB of the Health Insurance Act, which create two ‘classes’ of doctor: those born in Australia and those born elsewhere. 

This discriminator contravenes section 10 of the Racial Discrimination Act, yet has persisted for 14 years. An analogous situation in New Zealand was overturned on these grounds 13 years ago. 

Indeed, no other developed country legislates for such discriminatory measures.

Australia is a signatory