Rural super clinic stymied by extra costs

A COUPLE building a GP super clinic in rural NSW say they were under so much pressure to start construction that they were forced to demolish a dental surgery on the proposed site only to discover they could not yet afford to incorporate it into their new premises as planned. 

Narrandera GP Dr Joe Romeo and his wife and practice executive director, Liz, said they had to provide the Federal Health Department with photo evidence that they had started their super clinic project, or they risked losing out on their full $1 million in super clinic grant money.

Their subsequent demolition of the dental surgery which had stood on the site means dentist Dr Iain Douglas is now likely to spend years in temporary lodgings instead of in the super clinic as planned.

The demolition also came ahead of local council approval for their development application. 

Mrs Romeo told MO that despite phase one of construction being complete, it was