SA woman strangled by wheelchair seatbelt

Ruth Ann Dicker, 83, died in July 2011 while sitting in a wheelchair in her room at the Holly Residential Care Centre in Adelaide.

"She had somehow moved downwards in the chair in such a manner that the lap belt was no longer around her lap, but under her chin," said South Australia's State Coroner Mark Johns on Thursday.

Mrs Dicker, who suffered from Parkinson's disease and dementia, had an extensive history of falls and had been seen trying to remove herself from the wheelchair while strapped in.

The coroner said staff clearly had exhausted all opportunities to avoid the use of the lap sash restraint on Mrs Dicker.

She wore hip protectors, a concave mattress was put on her bed and a sensor mat was by her bed, which was placed against the wall.

"The restraint was only applied in the end and with the agreement and consent of Mrs Dicker's next of kin and with the agreement of her general practitioner."

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