Saggy scrotum? Scrotox to the rescue

And you thought you’d seen everything!

As the anti-ageing movement gains momentum, the latest aesthetic concern for men appears to be a saggy scrotum.

man and crotch

Yep, men today care about how their testicles are hanging, according to Nicole Montgomery, a NSW-based cosmetic surgery nurse and founder of Trusted Surgeons website and directory.

But there are ways to lift things up a bit; about 20-30 injections of botulinum toxin will do the trick.

Botox to the scrotum “relaxes all the skin of the scrotum and creates a smooth-like appearance, making it appear larger and even making the testicles hang lower,” says Ms Montgomery.

Finding the whole concept hard to believe, 6minutes has done a quick google and has discovered it really is a thing.

One website claims that, until now, surgery has been the only option for men unhappy with their wrinkles and sag.

“The excess skin of the scrotum is excised to create a smoother and lifted appearance,” writes US cosmetic surgeon Dr Daood.

“It is a relatively minor procedure, with a recovery period of around 4-5 days. It is, however, expected that patients have to contend with swelling, bruising and scars.”

Now, thanks to scrotox, he says, men can experience a less invasive scrotal lift.

“The procedure can also make the scrotum appear bigger as the muscle is relaxed, it smooths out and plumps the fine lines and wrinkles of the sagging scrotum and it decreases sweating,” he adds.

A further google check by the 6minutes team and it’s clear that this is a growing trend.

According to the the Australian website Costhetics: "Men who opt for deeper injections into the cremaster muscles may experience a slight drop in the placement of their scrotum, which can make the penis look larger too”.

But not everyone is a cheerleader for scrotox.

In an interview with Maxim men’s magazine, New York City plastic surgeon Dr Matthew Schulman said: “Relaxation of the scrotal skin will lead to a smoother, ‘floppier' and longer scrotum. This appearance is more consistent with an older scrotum.”

There’s always a naysayer to spoil the fun.