Scaling the heights of music and medicine

HE’S spent much of his life immersed in music and medicine, but Dr Rowan Thomas still reckons it’s hard to explain the connection between the two.

“Nobody has ever studied a link in the brain; however, there does seem to be an ability [for both],” he told MO.

“Doctors seem to play classical music. Is it some special influence in the brain that ties the two together? Or possibly it’s part of being a high achiever and wanting to achieve as much as you can.”

Whichever, the deputy director of anaesthesia at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne – and keen amateur violinist – has managed to keep both passions alive. 

He is one of 160 doctors who will take to the Sydney Town Hall stage this September to perform with the Australian Doctors Orchestra (ADO).

Dr Thomas said his love of classical music began in his teens when he dabbled with piano and guitar before