Scientist concerned about high rate of assisted reproduction

One in 30 children in Australia is the product of assisted reproductive technology (ART), he said. 

"We need to think more carefully about how we use it."

He said that by starting families later in life, people risk miscarriage and chromosomal abnormalities in their babies.

"Something has to change. But you can't change the biology," said Professor Aitken, ahead of a speech at a Society for Reproductive Biology public lecture in Sydney this weekend. 

He wants a new social contract that recognises women have limited reproductive years and allows them to achieve both family and professional aspirations.

He said another major issue is that about one in 20 men is infertile.

"It is poorly understood. We tend to treat these men with IVF because we can. We do not ask why they are infertile and what approaches might prevent male infertility."

He said only one sperm needs to be found to produce a child,