Senate euthanasia candidate takes own life

Former businessman Max Bromson was the lead candidate in SA for the VEP, which backs the introduction of voluntary euthanasia laws across the country.

In the run-up to the September 2013 election, the 66-year-old said it was vital for Australia to understand the importance of right-to-die laws.

Mr Bromson, who suffered from advanced carcinoid cancer, said he lived with chronic, excruciating pain and wanted the right to end his life peacefully at the appropriate time.

Exit International director Dr Philip Nitschke said Mr Bromson died early on Monday morning after taking drugs that had been tested at the Exit International laboratory in Adelaide.

He said Mr Bromson's closest family travelled to be with him.

They included his brother, to whom Mr Bromson had donated a kidney to keep him alive, who travelled to Adelaide from Vienna.

His sister Kerry travelled from Sydney, his son Matthew from Broken Hill and his daughter