Senate inquiry over TGA’s breast implant inaction

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon yesterday secured the support of the Coalition and Greens to have a motion passed to have the TGA put before a Senate inquiry in the coming months.

It comes after PIP implants were recalled in France, where the implant supplier is based, and some other European countries as well as the UK amid widespread reports of rupturing and leaking.

The TGA has maintained it cannot institute a full recall since it does not yet have conclusive evidence the implants pose a specific risk.

In a statement released on Friday last week, the TGA defended its regulation and monitoring of the PIP implants in Australia, which it stated included rigorous pre-and post-market assessments by both the TGA and a nominated European based ‘notified body’ that continued to advise the TGA on whether PIP was continuing to meet required standards.

The TGA last week said it was continuing to conduct tests on available