Senior RACGP figure defends involvement with fringe alternative medicine group

She says she does not promote the group, Universal Medicine, through her role with the college

A senior RACGP figure has defended her involvement with Universal Medicine, a fringe alternative medicine group which critics have attempted to brand a cult.

On Monday the ABC reported that Dr Amelia Stephens, who is currently deputy chair of the college’s Queensland faculty, is a public advocate of the organisation, which was founded by former tennis coach Serge Benhayon in 1999.

With several clinics around Australia, Universal Medicine promotes “esoteric” medicine — which it describes as “the art of living and healing by reconnecting to and making choices from one’s innermost essence of love, from the intelligence of love”.

Dr Stephens told Australian Doctor on Tuesday that she had been a student of The Way of The Livingness — the religion associated with Universal Medicine — for 12 years.

The Brisbane GP is currently listed as a member of Esoteric Women’s Health, a