SensaSlim case dropped, but Harvey now faces $1m claim

ACTIVIST Dr Ken Harvey has won a two-month battle to avoid an $800,000 defamation action from weight-loss company SensaSlim but now faces a $1,075,000 claim from company director Peter O’Brien.

Administrators for SensaSlim’s Australian business did not oppose an application from Dr Harvey’s lawyers in the NSW Supreme Court today to dismiss the defamation claim against the company, which was based on a series of complaints he made to the TGA about a SensaSlim product.

Dr Harvey said he was relieved to have the case dismissed and costs awarded against SensaSlim, but was not confident of recovering any of the $40,000 his defence had cost.

“It is a moral victory but not a material one,” he said.

“I couldn’t have defended myself without the support of colleagues and friends who put their money where their mouth was, and I would consider this to be a win for them as much as for me.”