SensaSlim under renewed scrutiny

THE Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is “actively considering” whether to de-list weight loss product SensaSlim Solution.

The move comes as the TGA’s complaints resolution panel continues to monitor a $1 million defamation suit lodged by SensaSlim director Peter O’Brien against academic and activist, Dr Ken Harvey.

The suit is the second defamation action brought against Dr Harvey over the contents of complaints he made to the panel about advertisements for SensaSlim Solution.

The first action, an $800,000 claim on behalf of the company lodged with the NSW Supreme Court in June, was finalised last week when lawyers representing administrators appointed to the company elected not to oppose an application to have the matter dismissed.

Dr Harvey said he was relieved to have the case dismissed and costs awarded against SensaSlim.

The current action was lodged with the Queensland Supreme Court on behalf