Sentence cut for GP who assaulted patients

Queensland's Court of Appeal also ordered on Tuesday that Nemalan Seshagiri Moodley's prison sentence be suspended after 12 months instead of 16.

Moodley was convicted in January of nine counts of sexual assault between 2003 and 2009 while working as a GP west of Brisbane.

He had rubbed his genitals — while clothed — against the patients, who were aged 17 to 40, according to the appeal court's judgment published yesterday. 

One offence occurred when Moodley was conducting a Pap smear and another when he was treating a woman for back pain.

Moodley, whose practitioner's registration has been suspended, appealed on the grounds the sentence was manifestly excessive.

The Court of Appeal agreed.

Justice Catherine Holmes said the acts were fleeting and didn't involve penetration or flesh-to-flesh contact.

She said while there were number of offences and they involved an "appalling" breach of trust