Seven myths about methotrexate therapy for RA

Methotrexate has an image problem among patients with rheumatoid arthritis, say Australian researchers.

The University of Sydney team say misconceptions about toxicity are rife and could even result in nocebo effects.

Here are seven myths and the corresponding facts:

It’s chemotherapy

A single dose for chemotherapy regimens can be higher than 500mg/m2, yet for rheumatic disease the doses are considerably lower, usually 10–30mg/m2.

It’s unusual

Early treatment with methotrexate is advised by specialists as it’s safe and effective. It has it has been used since the 1980s in RA.

It shouldn’t be used concomitantly with NSAIDS

Despite alerts in prescribing software, there are no specific grounds to prohibit the combination of NSAIDS and methotrexate. However, renal function should