Severe eczema linked to 70% increased risk of heart failure

Study finds a strong dose-response relationship with several cardiovascular diseases

Severe atopic eczema is associated with an increased risk of heart failure, cardiovascular events and mortality, a large study of general practice patients shows.

While previous evidence on CV risk with eczema has been inconsistent, the largest study to date shows the risk of CV death is 30% higher among patients with severe or active atopic eczema than for the general population.

UK researchers compared CV risks for 388,000 adult patients with atopic eczema against those of 1.5 million primary care patients without the condition over a median of five years.

CV risk was moderately higher among patients with eczema.

But there was a strong dose-response relationship, with severe disease conferring a 20% increased risk of stroke and 40-50% increased risks of MI, atrial fibrillation and unstable angina. The highest risk was seen for heart failure, with a 70% increased risk.

The findings fitted