Sheriffs still hunting midwife ordered to pay $6.6 million

The NSW Attorney General’s office told MO an arrest warrant for central Sydney midwife Akal Khalsa was “still active” after a Supreme Court judge last week ordered her to pay the massive damages claim – believed to be among the highest damages claims ever awarded against a midwife.

Earlier this year the court had ruled Ms Khalsa was negligent both in recommending the homebirth and in her conduct as a midwife during the birth which led to the boy suffering from hypoxia, leaving him with cerebral palsy, in 2006.

Ms Khalsa, in her late 60s, who has non-practising registration, is understood to have been practising without medical indemnity. She withdrew her defence in March saying she could not fund it. It was in June, when she did not attend a scheduled court date, that a judge ordered the arrest warrant.

Then last week, when the court ordered the huge payout, Ms Khalsa again did not attend court and the plaintiff&rsquo