Shopping centre landlords hear pharmacy rent concerns

Shopping centre landlord groups are willing to work with pharmacists to educate their members on the onerous rents faced by many pharmacies, Pharmacy Guild of Australia representatives believe.

Guild national president, George Tambassis, and executive director, David Quilty, recently met with leaders of the Shopping Centre Council of Australia (SSCA), the group which representsowners and investors in major centres, including Westfield, Stockland, GPT and Lend Lease.

The group’s CEO, Milton Cockburn, committed to work with the Guild “to help ensure his landlord members are aware of the issues facing pharmacy,” said Mr Quilty in this week’s edition of Guild newsletter, Forefront.

“George and I clearly explained the increasing impact of price disclosure on pharmacy margins and profitability, making clear that if rents are not reasonable and do not take into account this