Shortages increase as Brexit starts to hit pharmacies

EU-manufactured products are causing most concern

An online pharmacy in the UK has launched a Brexit Survival Box as worsening drug shortages hit patients.

UK pharmacies are dealing with significant shortages of a growing range of medicines, including naproxen, pharmacist Shamir Patel, the CEO of Chemist 4 U, told Pharmacy News.

Medicines causing the most concern are those that are dependent on import, especially from EU countries.

The number of generics available to UK patients is steadily declining.

A list of drugs for which generics are no longer available, known as the NCSO list, has grown to more than 90.

“It used to be the case that there’d be five, possibly 10, medications on the NCSO list at a time. And now people are being asked to break tablets in half in order to stretch out their supply,” Mr Patel says.

brexit box
The online pharmacy Chemist 4 U has developed an emergency